Blanket Weed Barley Straw Extract 500ml

Blanket Weed Barley Straw Extract 500ml
Blanket Weed Barley Straw Extract 500ml Blanket Weed Barley Straw Extract 500ml
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Barley Straw Extract - Aids Water Clarity and Conditions Pond Water
Extract of Barley Straw is an environmentally friendly product to gently balance pond water chemistry aiding water clarity and encouraging the take up of nutrients by healthy plants. The formula is based on specialist straw technology, which is proven to gently improve water clarity without harming the fish, wildlife or plants within the pond.
Benefits of Extract of Barley Straw:
•  Faster acting than straw and no messy rotting process
•  Clean, simple and easy to use.
•  Dosage can be adjusted to suit individual ponds
•  Cannot be overdosed
•  Safe for fish, plants, humans, pets and wildlife.
Dosage: 125 mls per 1000 gallons initial dose
20 – 40 mls weekly thereafter
Extract of Barley Straw is formulated from organically grown British Straw, under the F.A.A.B (Farm Assured Scheme). No herbicides or pesticides are introduced during the growing process, or during the production process.
Additional information:
•  Natural products sometimes work less quickly than available chemical products but offer a safer solution
•  UV can affect the activity of the product. It is important to dose more regularly (twice a week) if the system utilises UV.
What others say about Extract of Barley Straw:
“Clears green water, algae and blanket weed”
Focus Treatment in July 2002 Practical Fish Keeping - Assessed by Matt Clarke
“I added Liquid Barley Straw last weekend and the problem cleared within 48 hours”
Customer response to Practical Fish Keeping 2003 Algae Survey
“Far more convenient to use than straw itself”
Essential Water Garden 2003 Complete Guide to Environmentally & Eco-Friendly Garden and Pond Products
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Extract of Barley Straw? 
Extract of Barley Straw is a liquid version of the barley straw bales sold to treat algae in ponds, but because it is a concentrated liquid it works faster and is simpler to use.
What does Extract of Barley Straw do? 
It acts as a natural algae control, balancing the pond chemistry to provide healthy water, fish and plants free from green water, string algae and blanket weed.
How do I use it? 
We recommend dosing 125 mls per 1000 gallons as an initial dose followed by 20 - 40mls per week. This ensures a background level is maintained within the pond to ensure that it works effectively. If using Extract of Barley Straw as a preventative measure, we recommend starting to dose it at the beginning of March at a rate of 20 mls per week.
Please note that the above dosages are given as a guideline, as all ponds and all algae are different and respond differently to treatment. Extract of Barley Straw is a totally natural product, so it may take a few weeks before you see the full effect. If you are not satisfied that it is working quickly enough, you can add more as it will not harm your fish, pond plants, wildlife or pets.
What are the benefits of using Extract of Barley Straw? 
Its regular use will help control blanket weed algae & green water. As it is totally natural and safe to use you can rest assured that precious fish or plants will not be affected by it.
Is there any anything that stops AquaHydrotech Extract of Barley from working? 
Extract of Barley Straw works well under most conditions, but you may require a higher dose in ponds with a high silt content.
Is there a situation where it cannot be used? 
No, it is safe to use in even the most sensitive environments.
How much do I need? 
One 250 ml bottle will treat up to 1000 gallons of pond water.
How do I dose it into my pond? 
It is supplied in a bottle with a measure on it, so it is easy to measure the dose required. It is best added near to a re-circulating system or pond pump to ensure it is well mixed, but otherwise, it can simply be sprinkled across the surface of the water.
What happens if I add too much? 
Don't worry. It is a totally natural product and no harm can be done by adding too much. It may even remove the algae more quickly.

This formulation is a concentrated, all-natural liquid formulation, derived from natural barley straw.  It is safe for use around fish, birds, plants and pets. This formulation eliminates the need for unsightly bales of barley straw

Barley straw for ponds is an effective, fish safe and eco-friendly way to promote, maintain crystal clear water and establish pristine conditions in your pond. Here is something to consider regarding the usage of Barley. Actual straw of barley, takes 4-6 weeks to ferment into extract and become effective, so we have developed a concentrated EXTREME Liquid Barley Extract water treatment to help manage pristine pond water conditions. Our Barley Straw Extract (Produced in USA) is PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH and for a fraction of the cost more than competing brands, Our Liquid Barley Extract is not diluted and in turn ten times as potent, increasing effectiveness in your pond, while saving you money!

Our Barley Straw Extract Extreme Concentrate has been scientifically formulated to support a natural balance in water gardens, Koi ponds & lakes to help prevent unwanted floating debris and build up from forming on the pondís surface. Made from all natural, organic Barley, Our Brand Barley Straw Extract is highly concentrated and put through a special stabilization process to ensure a fresh and potent product that reacts quickly to keep put your pond's water quality immaculant.
Use Barley Straw Extract as part of your routine maintenance to manage pond debris and sludge that may settle out on the bottom of your pond after using our concentrated product.
We believe that Liquid Barley Extract & Beneficial Bacteria is the one of the quickest and most effective ways to balance your pond without putting your fish at risk with algaecides.

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